Israeli Sperm & Eggs Take A Hit From Depleted Uranium

Just a few months ago, I did an article on a plummeting sperm count report

from the Israeli Sperm Bank at University Hospital in Jerusalem.

Long story short,

all Israeli male teenagers make a sperm deposit at the University Hospital on entering their compulsory two years of military service.

The Israeli national sperm count has fallen 40% in less than ten years according to the Israeli Sperm Bank.

Another eight years of this and Israel is extinct,


a disappearing population

since 20% live sperm is considered baseline Sterility in men.

By now the Israeli guys are shooting blanks, mostly,

when it comes to making babies.

In the article I blamed pervasive uranium oxide radiation poisoning for the Israeli race to bottom – Extinction.

Read the whole article here

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Mon Dec 13 , 2010