We’re Not On The Road To Utopia ~ New Zealand Gripped By Godzilla Tentacles Too

Without fanfare or informed consent from the voting public, New Zealand has slowly and quietly become a loyal and obedient vassal of the technocratic-Military-Industrial-Complex of the United States of America. How do we know that?

We know that because we support the illegal USA-led war in Iraq [illegal according to most legal experts outside the USA] and the USA-led war in Afghanistan that the rest of the world roundly criticizes [1], we allow our public media to be controlled by international corporations and propaganda machines with the interests of the USA at heart [2], we help the USA in their spying operation in our country [3] and whenever legislation for Big Brother styled control over the population is passed in the USA, the same kind of controls are set up in New Zealand. The most notable examples of these are the new border security and controls, the storage of international telecommunications and data-mining (at Waihopai South Island) for the purpose of monitoring and spying, legislation to allow the state to imprison any suspected enemies of the state without trial [4] and legislation to allow state censorship of the internet. Many will argue that as a small country we need a protector. In a formal sense, Britain is our Big Brother protector but more recently the USA has taken over that role and they consider the USA to be the best of the bunch. We need to seriously consider that position.
And what’s so wrong with the technocratic-Military-Industrial-Complex? Well, this Godzilla complex has its tentacles wrapped around the planet and when it decides to squeeze and throttle the life of the planet within its grip it can do so without hesitation and without flinching. [5] [6] This faceless complex is based on ruthless competition, guided by profiteering and driven by the worship of money, so it has no conscience or sympathy, just a lust for money and power, an insatiable need for control and a pathological hatred of challenge and opposition. [7] It exists for the benefit of everyone [they may say] and it doesn’t do any harm. That may appear to be so, except for one little factor that everyone seems to have forgotten. The complex control system is no longer a two way control system – it is no longer the government of the people by the people and for the people, neither here nor in the USA. The people being squeezed no longer have any means of objecting, responding and pushing back when the grip gets too tight to breath. What has happened is that in this sophisticate technocratic age, the top down control system has slowly and quietly become so complex, so remote and so secretive that the public are no longer able to see what’s happening, where the pain is coming from and why. [6] The independent judiciary, the protector of the people has either fallen asleep or been bought and bows to the demands of the now unaccountable government.
We are told by our leaders that the enemies of freedom and democracy, the religious zealots, the one-in-a-hundred-million suicide bombers [some plots have been uncovered as fake terrorist jobs by government agents] [8] and the subversive political enemies of the state have become so clever, ubiquitous and “invisible” that we now have to go to drastic measures to uncover and squash their sinister plots. Why they are only now so clever, ubiquitous and “invisible” in spite of all the twentieth century developments in sophisticated technological weaponry at government disposal I can’t fathom? We are told by our leaders we now have to give up our democracy, our tolerance of critics, opposing groups or whistle-blowers and our traditional highly regarded transparent politics in order to counteract these new hidden evils. What a joke – they want us to fall for their argument that says in order to defend our democracy, tolerance and political transparency; we must surrender our democracy, tolerance and political transparency! How about that for logical reasoning? Apparently [they imply] Big Brother is now so weak and vulnerable that there’s no more room in the world for traditional democracy, tolerance and political transparency. Big Brother is now so weak it is forced to use underhand, strong arm tactics against ITS OWN CITIZENS !

So we watch in amazement as our government of the people, by the people and for the people turns our country into a little fascist state like our Big Brother, the United States of America. Not all at once, obviously, just a little at a time; until little by little we, the people, lose more and more control of our lives and our “free” country and then it’s all too late to recover from slavery. [9]
We read dozens of articles these days calling for resistance to the over-reach and excesses of the technocratic-Military-Industrial-Complex. We are called to join in protest marches, write letters, petitions and boycott organizations and companies who collaborate with the system. [10] Is that going to change things? Hardly! Did the NZ government respond with due respect and accommodation to all the legitimate petitions this past decade in protest to legislation that the public overwhelmingly rejected? Not a bit of it. Then why expect them to listen to the public voice now – if there are still enough people awake and alarmed? We have to adopt another stronger tactic.
All of us who work, buy or sell within the commercial system of our country and pay our taxes, or rely on the services provided by the system [water, food, gas, electricity and petrol] are part of the technocratic-Military-Industrial-Complex. Just buying goods at the local supermarket supports this complex even if we don’t like it and that’s the truth of the matter whether or not we acknowledge or agree with this assertion. If our well-being, convenience and even satisfaction of basic needs rely on the system, then we flourish as the system flourishes and are highly unlikely to seriously confront and challenge – bite the hand that feeds us. There’s no arguing the matter – we exist in a symbiotic relationship with the technocratic-Military-Industrial-Complex, like the battered wife syndrome. The battered wife is unable to challenge and reform her violent, domineering husband because she can’t survive without him and he knows that only too well. He uses threats and violence to keep her under control and dependent on him so she can’t recover from her hurt and find a new life of freedom, dignity and personal strength until she removes herself from her situation of dependency. Let’s not fool ourselves either.
So how does someone who is dependent on the commercial system of our country ever get to revolutionize the system from the inside? Like the battered wife, we can’t challenge and reform the technocratic-Military-Industrial-Complex without extricating ourselves from this complex and find our own independent existence outside of the system. Anyone who thinks they can do it another way is simply living in a state of delusion – just what the designers and controllers of the technocratic-Military-Industrial-Complex like. They scoff and laugh at their deluded supporters and slaves. When you look at examples where popular uprisings were successful in overthrowing an oppressive regime you will always find that the support for the uprising came from a foreign power [usually outside the country] that stood to gain in some way from the success of the revolution. The revolution in South Africa is a classic case of this and provides an excellent lesson in political science. [11] Most military uprisings are futile. They cause massive destruction and loss of life but those countries don’t seem to be any better off as a result as they learned in South Africa. In the past century around a hundred million people were killed in numerous protests and rebellions in Russia, China, Korea, Vietnam, DRC and Rwanda – so much for protest and rebellion.
If people really want to fight back and revolutionize an unjust and unsustainable system they need to wake up and sharpen up. We have become fat, lazy, ignorant and dopey in New Zealand – lulled into a state of complacency and apathy. We can’t afford to let things lie and we can’t do this alone. We need to be part of a grand global coordinated scheme for pushing back. People from all the “still-partly-free” countries of the world have to talk to each other and coordinate their actions on a global scale. We need to vote with our feet and protest by our actions. Disinvest from the technocratic-Military-Industrial-Complex and establish our own independent state of existence where the government can’t control us, brain-wash our children and choke the life out of our planet. Make a coordinated effort to do something like the folks at “Love-for-Life” in New South Wales https://loveforlife.com.au/node/895   What these sharp, independent and caring people are doing will achieve more for their grandchildren than a thousand shouting protesters on the streets who live as dependents of the tyrannical Godzilla complex.
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