Glasgow University Students Occupy Hetherington Research Club


Students at the University of Glasgow, Scotland

began an occupation of the postgraduate club, the Hetherington Research Club building in University Gardens

on Tuesday 1st February 2011.


The sit-in is to protest against cuts and against the university bosses’ plans

to sell off the building which they closed a year ago.

The building was bequeathed to the students for their use,

not to become a saleable asset for uni bosses.

The students have therefore taken control of the building

with the intention of it being used as a social, educational and non-commercial space

where students can meet, study and campaign against cuts and fees.

Des dizaines d’étudiants ont pénétré dans un bâtiment fermé depuis un an de l’université de Glasgow

où ils ont commencé une protestation contre les coupes et contre le projet des dirigeants de l’université

qui veulent vendre ce bâtiment qui appartient aux étudiants.

Ecosse, le 1er février 2011.

Un edificio dell’università di Glasgow, chiuso dagli dirigenti da un anno,

si è fatto occupato dagli studenti scozzesi il 1° febbraio 2001 perchè i dirigenti dell’ università

hanno un progetto per la vendita di questo edificio il quale appartiene agli studenti.

La protesta è anche contro i tagli in genere.

Los estudiantes de la universidad de Glasgow,

Escocia han ocupado un edificio el 1ero de febrero 2011 para protestar

contra los recortes en educación y contra el proyecto de los jefes de la universidad de vender este edificio.

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