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Looks like the Christchurch disaster might well be another HAARP job.

What better way to totally bankrupt the country, destroy our welfare state, our social safety nets, education and health,

and steal all of our remaining assets?

The NZ government is “borrowing $450 million per WEEK now,

with no end in sight

and no way to pay it back.

NZ is in the cross hairs, folks, and their banker PM is carrying out his orders.

There’s a good reason they used to call him “The Smiling Assassin” in London.

Have a look at this vid and then do some research on HAARP and earthquakes. Then check out to see what is REALLY happening and what these HAARP installations are capable of. These two Chch earthquakes are not coincidental. The NWO bankers want NZ impoverished, like the rest of the world, and now they’re “going for broke”.

– Jonathan Eisen, Editor, UNCENSORED

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