Truth Hurts, Lies Kill ~ Real Truth Behind The Phony Wars ~ Dr. Dahlia Wasfi



We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin,

but we all belong to one human race.

Thousands of Americans and over 1.5 Million Muslims have been murdered so far

and Millions more have been injured and dying.

Reality of the Phony wars in the name of Democracy, Freedom, terrorism.

NOW The Oil Thirsty Liars, their secret agenda and their crimes are being exposed;

Corrupt Politicians,


Cooperative greedy culture,

world domination by any means possible;


false flagging,

accusing others of having Weapons of Mass Destructon

while allowing the criminal Zionist state Israel to keep building them

then lying and denying.

No, No, NO, no more of this crap.

People are waking up from the mass hypnotism by the Criminal Media companies

( CNN, Fox, Sky, BBC, ABC and other main stream Zionist Pleasers

and Guardians of the Murderers, Real Terrorists, Liars and thugs.
Just in the Shadow of False flag (9/11) they Murdered over 1.5 million Muslims

and Thousands of Americans so far and still counting.

Enough is enough !!!

Stop the Barbarism !!!

We Are Not Stupid And Irresponsible Anymore !!!

“We have an obligation to every last victim to this illegal aggression

because all of this carnage has been done in our names.

Rise up Against the Real Terrorists and Organized Criminals

for the survival of Humanity.!!!

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Wed Mar 30 , 2011
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