It’s time New Zealand and Australia had a
quality health magazine.

And now we will.

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The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine has been sorely needed for a long, long time. In this era of mis-information and dis-information about health matters regarding natural remedies, we felt that it was time to make a stand for objective, unbiased science – as opposed to Big Pharma-sponsored science.

At a time when natural medicine is under the threat of total suppression, when the careers of honest medical researchers are being ruined, and when millions of lives are being sacrificed on the altar of corporate greed – we felt it was high time New Zealand and Australian readers were given the other side of the story – about the proven efficacy of natural remedies.

Hence, The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine.

It will be 100 uncluttered pages, serious and referenced, yet accessible and highly readable as well.

In short, it will be interesting, indeed, vitally important, reading.

We do welcome unsolicited manuscripts (query us first, please) your advertising, as well as new distribution outlets, such as private health practices. This journal will be read avidly by the general public as well as your clients and patients. Hopefully you will make it available at your office.

The Launch:

The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine will be launched on May 7, 2011,
at the Grey Lynn Community Centre, 510 Richmond Rd, Auckland. Time: 2-5 pm

Guest Speakers: (confirmed): Allison Roe, Jonathan Eisen and Katherine Smith (Editors of Natural Medicine), Mike Cushman, Will Hinchcliff (Director, Primary Heart Care), Jim Cribb (Diabetes Patient Educator) and (special guests) Ray Columbus and Allan Smith (the man cured of Swine Flu with intravenous Vitamin C)

Light refreshments will be served and Lochana, a superb guitarist, will provide some peaceful ambience.

Admission: Free

Please, by all means, do come along.

RSVP, please.

Kind regards,

Katherine Smith and Jonathan Eisen


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