Asshole Economics 101 : Bulldoze Foreclosed Homes ~ Bulldoze Excess Supply

[ You’d think that all those empty McMansions could help America solve its homeless problem.

But no.

A commentator at source points out the following ]

This is a perfect example of why Capitalism is not only extremely wasteful

but also a modern day form of slavery.

It is not Capitalism which as brought prosperity to the world;

it has only brought prosperity to a very select few while enslaving most of the world and devastating the global ecology;

it has only been with the fight AGAINST Capitalism that we have found some prosperity

– a livable wage, safe(r) work environments, and banishing of child labor, the 8 hour work day

(as opposed to the unending work days under the “free” market of the early 1900s).

As Derrick Jensen says,

we live in a society where people need to pay for a place to sleep, and pay for food to eat,

and if they don’t someone with a gun will come to force them to pay

(or bulldoze what was their home):

that’s a society based on violence.

Any society which allows anyone to suffer greatly while others live with far more than they need is pathological.

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