Open Letter To The NZ Herald Regarding Appointing David Farrar As A Columnist



Dear NZ Herald,



How you doing?


I know in the past I’ve been a bit of a bitch about the NZ Herald.

I’ve teased you about your conservative bias,

bullshit Journalism

and the impression that Steven Joyce sub edits the entire newspaper for a very long time now,

but being the largest daily newspaper in this country,

you are all we have.

You’ve been gracious enough in the past to print some of my letters

and what you do sets the journalistic benchmark for the rest of the country,

so I sincerely hope you listen to what I have to say,

consider it

and get back to us.

I’d like to question the appointment of the far right masquerading as right lite blogger

David Farrar as your weekly columnist on politics.

David Farrar is the unofficial mouth-piece of the National Party on-line

and is a pollster for the bloody Government.

Farrar has nothing more to add than massaged message points he’s focus group tested on the National Party Research Unit !

That you want people with opinions is fantastic,

and I applaud the widening of the political debate to include bloggers who are increasingly making their influence felt,

but to hand a column over to the Government’s number one propagandist

without any balance whatsoever

is just not acceptable

from the largest daily Newspaper in the country.

I don’t question your right to pick whom you like,

that is a right any free press has,

but the utter imbalance by selecting the Government’s number one propagandist

to review the political week leaps outside any boundaries of balance.

May I humbly suggest that you at the very least put a left wing blogger alongside David’s weekly comments

so that there is


because allowing the current situation to stand,

allowing the number one propagandist for the Government

to write a weekly column without any counter opinion

is more Fox news

than NZ Herald.

There is a plethora of left wing bloggers who could write a week in politics column,

the brilliant Idiot-savant at No Right Turn,

the genius of Russell Brown over at Public Address and let’s not forget the liberal lion of the council of socialist Ents,

Chris Trotter.

If it is an issue of cost,

I am certain someone like David Farrar who takes such effort at painting himself

as moderate and reasonable

will gladly accept only half of what you are paying him

to share it

with a left blogger for the sake of a balanced debate.

This election is going to be the most ideological we’ve had in over a decade,

to simply allow a right wing Government pollster to write your week on politics


any journalistic balance whatsoever.

I know that is a position the NZ Herald wouldn’t wish to support

and so I call on


for the sake of balance to appoint a left wing blogger

to review the political week alongside David Farrar.


Yours sincerely,
Martyn Bradbury




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