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Twelve Children Killed In Another US Massacre In Afghanistan

American forces in Afghanistan killed twelve children and two women

in a night-time bombing of two houses in Nawzad district of Helmand province Saturday.


The incident, one of several involving civilian deaths recently,

is yet another atrocity committed by the US-NATO forces engaged in the illegal occupation.

According to local Afghan officials, the fourteen civilians died as they slept in two family compounds in a small farming community

about 80 kilometres north of Helmand Province’s capital, Lashkar Gah.

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Afghan Killings

The truth is,

the world has grown weary of this decade-long war and doesn’t really care two hoots whether it’s Taleban insurgents or innocent civilians who are wiped out by the indiscriminate US-NATO bombings.



The Americans do not want to be reminded of the mess created by their trillion-dollar war abroad at a time when they have more pressing things to worry about,

like the economy and jobs for instance.

As a result, the coalition forces kill at will

— and with impunity.

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