[ Massive kudos to xenomorph911WTC for all his work on this eye-widening gallery ] [youtube]NxGJHTlpOc8[/youtube] [youtube]ma13I76Sb10[/youtube] [ This one is particularly telling – because it’s amazing that the upper floors collapse before they hit the bottom floors – and thus – the upper building would not be able to crush, […]

But that doesn’t mean you can get pissed and end up hitting your spouse. Now that this collective escapism is behind us – maybe we can start to pay attention to things that actually matter. Here’s what you missed while your culture and attention span was being utterly distracted and […]


[youtube]JFFkbo3o0NM[/youtube] There are some people who can win any argument or debate, no matter whether they are right or wrong. Lawyers, for example, make really nice livings convincing juries that the most obviously guilty criminals are innocent. So goes the modus operandi of the 9/11 truth de-bunkers out there: wrong […]

Paul J. Balles reviews the crimes and cover-ups still awaiting the international spotlight, from Israel’s murder of US sailors aboard the USS Liberty, to Israel’s nuclear programme and Bush administration war crimes. Here’s a story to contemplate: From a passenger ship, everyone can see a bearded man on a small island. He […]


Like the Christchurch Press editorial did last week – and like some of the commentors do after the (linked) article below – the article below is also missing the point re ‘why we camp’. As NZ Truth so eloquently put it recently : “They do not understand the banking system, […]

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