DON’T MISS THIS EVENT!!! Ian Crane to Speak in Auckland on Friday, November 11.


Ian Crane will be speaking about the NZ Food Bill and its Codex connections, the Tauranga shipping “accident” which resulted in a massive oil spill, and how the whole incident is “shrouded with deception”.

The NZ government wants the NZ Food Bill is to be passed under urgency this month.

The NZ Food/Codex Bill would undermine the efforts of many people to become more self-sufficient within their local communities.

It is the beginning of the implementation of Codex Alimentarious in NZ.

Crane says this is the beginning of “making sickness compulsory” and is part of the UN agenda to eradicate natural health and natural farming.

INVITATION: Come and listen to Ian at the Grey Lynn Community Centre, Richmond Rd
TIME: 6.45, Friday November 11th, 6.45 PM

Donation: $20

Who is Ian Crane?
About Ian
Former oilfield executive Ian R Crane, has become one of the UK’s leading authorities in deep geopolitics, where geographic, economic, social, political and spiritual issues conjoin. Once you understand the eventual goal for the global society, then actions in the present, which seem irrational or bizarre, become far easier to comprehend.

In nine pertinent and remarkably prescient playing cards of the ‘Illuminati New World Order’ Game, how did the inventor know (in 1995) the three events comprising the 9/11 attacks? How did he know also that Princess Diana represented a serious threat to the Ruling Elite, resulting in her 1997 assassination… and how could he possibly have known that in 2011 an Earthquake would trigger a Tsunami, which would lead to the catastrophic meltdown on Nuclear Power Plants in Japan? What do ‘The Cards’ predict is still yet to unfold … and why do his cards predict the appearance of Antichrist and the Rapture as the last two events of the great Illuminati Plan?”
Like all ‘Games’ … playing is so much easier when you know the ‘Rules’ … and knowing the ‘Rules’ seriously enhances the chances of ‘Winning the Game’!

Want to KNOW the Rules?

As recently as May 2010, arch-strategist Zbigniew Brzezinski, senior adviser to Barack Obama, stated in a presentation to the highly influential Council on Foreign Relations that “…the greatest obstacle to establishing a One World Government is the rapid political awakening amongst the masses.”
For the sake of your children … and your children’s children, help take that awakening one step further.

Not to be Missed!

Book on his website or buy a ticket at the door.

Please download attached poster for details of his Wellington and Dunedin events

Ashiya Austin

Event Organiser


The NZ Food/Codex Bill would undermine the efforts of many people to become more self-sufficient within their local communities.

– Seed banks and seed-sharing networks could be shut down if they could not obtain authorization. Loss of seed variety would make it more difficult to grow one’s own food.

– Home-grown food and some or all seed could not be bartered on a scale or frequency necessary to feed people in communities where commercially available food has become unaffordable or unavailable (for example due to economic collapse).

– Restrictions on the trade of food and seed would quickly lead to the permanent loss of heirloom strains, as well as a general lowering of plant diversity in agriculture.

– Organic producers of heirloom foods could lose market share to big-money agribusiness outfits, leading to an increase in the consumption of nutrient-poor and GE foods.

– It turns a human right (to grow food and share it) into a government-authorized privilege that can be revoked by the Governor-General.

– It makes it illegal to distribute “food” without authorization, and it defines “food” in such a way that it includes nutrients, seeds, natural medicines, essential minerals and drinks (including water).

– It will push up mainstream food prices by subjecting producers to red tape and registration costs. Food prices are already rising due to increased energy costs and commodity speculation, while effective disposable incomes are falling.

– Growing food for distribution must be authorized, even for “cottage industries”, and such authorization can be denied.

– The Government has created this bill to keep in line with its World Trade Organization obligations under an international scheme called Codex Alimentarius (“Food Book”). So it has to pass this bill in one form or another.

– There are problems with Codex also. Codex will place severe restrictions on the content of vitamins, minerals and therapeutic compounds in food, drinks and supplements etc. The Food Bill means that non-complying producers can be shut down easily – thus it paves the way for the legal enforcement of Codex food regulations.


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