Wikileaks, Hackers Impending Internet Censure ~ Entering Perilous Times

By Mike Molyneaux

Wikileaks has been instrumental in confirming what many suspected but never knew for sure – those anecdotes about never trusting a politician! Wide and rapid dissemination of sensitive and often damning information by the internet  exposes the level of double-talk, double-standards, mistrust and trickery in international politics. The public has never before had such a peek into this labyrinth of duplicity and official disdain of ordinary citizens. Now the NY Times publishes revelations again confirming extensive secret US government collaboration with Nazi’s during and after World War II.

What are the implications for ordinary citizens?

1. It doesn’t look good. The integrity of Big business and most political leaders is highly questionable. Western democracies are really police states in disguise. They criminalize Whistle-blowers or arrange for their elimination.
2. The lives and destinies of ordinary citizens are under the control of big business and political leaders [the situation since time immemorial] and the vast majority of ordinary citizens don’t know that – 1984 is here.
3. Our legal systems are now so complex, convoluted and self-contradictory that they are of no value in protecting ordinary citizens. Big business and politicians pay lawyers big money to find loopholes to do what they want regardless of the legal systems and the judiciary is “bought.”
4. History books for mass education in every country have been written as tools of state propaganda and ordinary citizens around the world have been technically advanced but politically brain-washed.
5. We don’t know who or what to believe and trust! – trusting powerful modern technology and weapons of mass destruction into the hands of our politicians is misplaced trust and dangerous.
6. The direction the world is heading is certainly not Utopia. Big business and politicians think they are in control but they can’t agree because they scheme, lie and live above common law and decency, so it’s anyone’s guesses where we will all land up.
CONCLUSION  A nuclear war involving China-Russia-Iran-Israel-U.S. cannot be ruled out as unlikely. Incalculable millions if not billions in many countries are likely to die from starvation caused by cessation of most international food shipments and disastrous shortages of essentials of modern agriculture, particularly in oil or diamonds for bread countries. Not only New Zealanders, but all the ordinary citizens of the world whether they recognize it or not, are facing an international emergency. I am referring not only to the WikiLeaks exposure but everything that has come to light since the start of the internet. And we are not sure how long the internet will still be available as an alternative source of news and information.

We can expect censorship to plunge us all into the dark again.

The real world they don’t show us on the television screens is a mess and these are indeed perilous times.


Engineer and psychologist

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