5 Wars That America Must End For Peace & Freedom To Prevail


I’ve gotten to the point where I cringe whenever I hear the word ‘war’.

Even when it’s used to seemingly combat something noble sounding such as the war on poverty

or the war on hunger.

It’s become apparent that all wars cause damage no matter if it’s a figurative war

or an actual war.


It’s also obvious that when a war is declared on a social problem,

the State is announcing a power grab

which is going to result in less freedom.

War creates an enemy that must be extinguished by government force.

The more broadly defined the enemy is,

the bigger the government’s role becomes in eradicating it.

And when the government wages war against anything,

it’s a cycle that’s nearly impossible to stop.

The government creates new agencies,

and staffs them with union jobs that depend on never actually winning the wars,

but rather only perpetuating them.


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