How The Arab League Has Become A Tool Of Western Imperialism

It’s an intrigue befitting the machinations of classical colonialism in past centuries,

such as the Sykes-Picot carve-up of the Middle Eastern Levant territories,

or the betrayal of the Arabs after World War I,

or the theft of Mesopotamia’s oil by British capitalists.

Only this time,

it is Arabs who are helping the neocolonial powers

to deceive and subjugate other Arabs.

Enter the Arab League.

Over the past year,

the 22-member organization has emerged as a useful deceptive cover for Western powers

as they seek to redraw the political contours of the Arab World,

and beyond,

for their own strategic interests.

The momentous popular upheavals that began in early 2011 across the Arab World

have in many ways been co-opted or manipulated by Western imperialist powers

to minimize democratic gains and to refashion the political map to their continuing advantage.

A feat of achievement considering that these same powers

have for decades

supported the repressive regimes

that have inflicted so much misery and suffering.


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Sun Feb 12 , 2012
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