When Greece Comes Crashing Down, Everything Comes Crashing Down

Greece is the epicenter of a drama

that threatens to unwind with all the intrigue and subterfuge of ancient Greek myths and tragedies.

As with the legend of Icarus,


and now bigger,

transnational banks provoked the gods with their wax-and-feather financial fabrications

to create the appearance of soaring wealth.

Now that they have flown too close to the sun and their wings have melted,

these banks are being brought to earth by the obligations and consequences

imposed by their fabrications.

Rather than take responsibility,

these banks seek to appease the gods by sacrificing taxpayers.

In fact,

if one looks closely,

these banks aspire to be gods themselves.

They clothe themselves in their indispensability and shield themselves from accountability

with tales about how many innocent citizens will be hurt

if they don’t get their next bailout.

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