MEDIA RELEASE by the Casey & Cardinia Smartmeter Awareness Group SMARTMETERS ARE DAMAGING OUR FINANCIAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH. Typical Smartmeter in Victoria Are you concerned about any of these issues? Your electricity bills going through the roof with the new Time of Use tariff. Health issues related the meters microwave radiation […]

Submissions on the Natural Health Products Bill are due by 24th February. This is an important bill that could either support New Zealanders access to natural health products and help protect NZ businesses and jobs – or reduce the range of products, force up prices and cause job losses and […]

We are all feeling it, the economy is bad. Everyday needs are getting harder and harder to meet, and don’t even think about being able to afford the ‘little pleasures’ in life, whatever yours may be. We hear about government waste all the time. And as the government literally wastes […]