Six Questions Reporters Should Ask Of Anyone Advocating Military Action Against Iran


[ A B-1 bomber taking off from the recently ‘stolen-from-it’s-former-inhabitants-for-an-Anglo-airbase’ island of Diego Garcia ]

Avoiding another war of choice

will require a media

that digs beyond agenda-driven analysis

and prevents the debate from being curtailed.

It will require a media that doesn’t permit a question of life and death

to be framed in a simplistic manner

that leaves the U.S. with a false choice

of either bombing Iran or accepting an Iranian bomb.

America is once again drifting toward war.

Less than ten years after the U.S. invasion (and subsequent occupation) of Iraq,

its myriad lessons seem forgotten.

A familiar,

toxic mix of sloppy politicians

and politicized foreign policy experts

is telling the American public

that an irrational Iranian regime hell-bent on acquiring and using nuclear weapons poses an imminent threat to its safety

– despite the highest levels of America’s national security establishment

speaking on the record

to the contrary.

The ghosts of America’s neoconservative past have successfully shaped the policy around its selling points

despite next-to-zero discussion about the consequences of war.


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