[ A B-1 bomber taking off from the recently ‘stolen-from-it’s-former-inhabitants-for-an-Anglo-airbase’ island of Diego Garcia ] Avoiding another war of choice will require a media that digs beyond agenda-driven analysis and prevents the debate from being curtailed. It will require a media that doesn’t permit a question of life and death […]


The real revolution has begun. In Greece, of course. Where else but the real “birthplace of democracy”? Watch this YouTube as soon as you possibly can. You will begin to feel what optimism, real optimism feels like. You will dance on the inside of your soul. I promise. Jon Eisen, […]

These three very different interpretations of the very same song appeared within months of each other at the end of the 1980’s. [youtube]WxhjtMi3MKM[/youtube] [youtube]ONXkCRjjYsg[/youtube] [youtube]GqxaCG9PBOs[/youtube]