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Wall Street Won’t Let Democracy Work Here Anymore

The people who think they rule over us and try to run our lives

will not let us lawfully change the government they installed after their  coups

of 11-22-1963


and 9-11-2001.


I intend to reveal several possible exit paths from this present crisis.

But first,

I want to list  8  things the government has done to make it impossible for us to lawfully escape from what they have been doing to us.

No matter that they have allowed Wall Street to steal tens of trillions of dollars from us

and subject us to wars,


and confrontations

on two continents

with nations that have active alliances with Russia, China and Pakistan.

That includes one nation that has a Russian naval base.

We could all die because we do not have a way to just say NO to the psychopaths who are running the world to it’s ruin.


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