New Zealand’s Foreign Policy Makers Decide To Rejoin ANZUS

New Zealand’s defence ties with the United States

are set to reach a new milestone

[ not the word I’d use ]

with the arrival of 76 US military personnel

for the first combat-focused joint exercise on New Zealand soil

in more than 27 years.

The Defence Minister, Jonathan Coleman,

last night announced the joint military exercise involving 35 US Marines and 41 US Army personnel

to take part in an exercise dubbed Alam Halfa,

after a World War II battle in Egypt in 1942.


Since the accelerated friendship between New Zealand and the US was announced

in the Wellington Declaration

16 months ago,

joint exercises have stepped up.

But until now

they have had a humanitarian or non-combat focus.

[ … just to kind of  ‘slowly ease you back into the whole idea’ ]

In June,

US Marines,

including a Marine band,

[ ” Gee whillikers  … ” ]

intend to visit New Zealand to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the arrival of American forces

to help to defend the South Pacific in World War II.

[ Thereby helping to guilt-trip you into accepting a collective role

in the ongoing dispossession of the people living on South West Asia

that is happening right now. ]


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