“Go Well Go Shell” ? Go To Hell


The newly released Shell Sustainability Report for 2011 says

“Population growth and rising living standards are driving energy demand,

contributing to increased environmental stresses.


As the world becomes more crowded,

the stresses between the essentials of life

– water, food and energy –

will become more critical.

Energy production needs water,

and providing enough water and food to sustain people needs energy.

Climate change is likely to intensify the stresses.”

According to Shell’s CEO,

Peter Voser,


“These are huge, integrated challenges and there is no time to waste if the world is to tackle them effectively.

Yet the relationship between government,

business and civil society

is struggling to work.

The Report reminds us:

“In late 2011 the International Energy Agency issued a stark warning that without a bold change of policy direction,

the world could lock itself into an insecure,

inefficient and high-carbon energy system

as early as 2017.



It called for governments to introduce stronger measures to drive investment in efficient and low-carbon technologies.

Failure to do this would lead to

“irreversible and potentially catastrophic climate change.”

according to the Agency.

Peter Voser believes Shell can help by producing more energy.



Almost every historian,

economist and political analyst

agrees with

Peter Voser


that more affordable energy production has produced rising living standards,

accelerated population growth,

increasing demands for energy and resources,

irreversible damage to the environment and intensified stresses all round.

So what’s the solution?


Hello ??

Did we hear that correctly?

They all agree that more energy production has intensified the stresses.

So why will even more

and more

energy solve or reduce the stress problem?

I don’t get it!

If someone else does,

can they please explain this to us lesser mortals.

Of course more energy production is good for business!

No doubt about that.

And more energy production creates more demand for energy

so the market grows exponentially by itself.

What an amazing money-making,

business model.

It works like magic,

and it’s all perfectly legal !

Like feeding drugs to a potential addict,

the new convert must soon get more people hooked on drugs

so he can sell more drugs

to pay for his insatiable addiction,

and so addiction and drug trade spreads through the population.

That one is still illegal

but addiction to more and more energy is perfectly legal

even though it’s going to be not only potentially but really “catastrophic” for the whole world,

according to the experts.

I don’t get it !

Can someone please explain this ?

[ I’d like to know, too.

Your comments / rationale / last rites below, please ]

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