A fearsome [ yet, obsolete ] Royal Navy nuclear-powered submarine is on its way to the Falklands as tensions simmer on the 30th anniversary of Britain’s war with Argentina. HMS Talent, armed with Tomahawk missiles, was despatched in a show of power after Argentina increased friction over the disputed islands […]


AE911Truth is proud to announce the completion of the Final Edition of our milestone documentary, 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out, and we are taking the film on the road with a whirlwind World Premiere Tour across the U.S. starting today. The director of Experts Speak Out, AE911Truth founder […]

[ It’s worth bearing in mind here, that the only reason people are currently running around on the world shooting holes in each other over energy resources is because energy resources  are so ‘profitable’.  ] Israel wants its energy projects in Greek Cyprus to be run by Israelis and is seeking to […]


Seventeen independent commentators discuss defence issues and present informed opinions on the future security of New Zealand. The commentators are authors, historians, retired diplomats, broadcasters, scientists, journalists, newspaper editors and ex-servicemen. Part II of V Episode I here

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