German Police Take Off Their Helmets, Badges & Marched With the Protest Clearing the Way for Them.


Wake up America’s police.

This is how democracy works.

We are all “FIRST” citizens.

The police coming over to serve and protect the people…

Blockupy Frankfurt.

Police are escorting.

Reports of an estimated 20,000+ protesters.

Nice to see their faces


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Prison Sentences For Taame Iti & Rangi Kemara

Sat May 26 , 2012
The sentences of 2.5 years for Taame Iti and Rangi Kemara are manifestly unjust. This is an outrage. The sentences of Urs Signer and Emily Bailey are equally absurd. The judge ignored the jury findings & retried the Urewera Four on behalf of the police fantasies. It is an outrage. […]
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