Turkey Set To Indict IDF Officers Over Killing Of Gaza Flotilla Activists


Turkey’s chief prosecutor is expected to charge retired Israeli defense officials, including former army chief Gabi Ashkenazi,

for ordering the intentional killing of activists during a 2010 Israel Defense Forces raid of a Gaza-bound aid flotilla,


a report said on Wednesday.

According to the Turkish daily Sabah,

Ankara’s chief prosecutor Abdurrahman Yalcinkaya is due to file a 144-page indictment targeting Ashkenazi,

former Military Intelligence chief Amos Yadlin,

former Israel Navy chief Eliezer Maron,

and former head of Israel Air force’s intelligence wing Avishai Levy

over the raid on the Mavi Marmara,

which resulted in the deaths of nine Turkish nationals.

The report indicated that Turkey intended to charge the former officials for ordering IDF troops

to intentionally kill, wound, and abduct Turkish activists,

as well as encourage their torture and loot their belongings.

Turkey issued warrants against all four former Israeli officers, and they could be arrested on arrival in Turkey,

the report added.


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