10 Ways To Stop Being A Slave & Bring Down The Pyramids Of Control


[ 21st Century pyramids are inverted

in order to make room for all the wealth, resource & human energy

that flows to the top.

Here’s some small advice for the weekend – from Activist Post

  … and you can probably stop being a slave

for less than the price of a pair of shoes. ]

Here are 10 ways that you can help collapse all of the pyramids of control.

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Retired Judge Talks High-Level Australian Corruption

Sun May 27 , 2012
A clip about the corrupt westminster system. His comments about how politicians claim a mandate for this and that after they are elected, much like king john is claiming for asset sales, are pertinent. Worth listening to, if you haven’t already. [youtube]_1UDxgTrR08[/youtube]