Is There Anybody Out There Who Can Save Us From The New World Order?

Letter to the Editor,

Is there anybody out there who can save us from the New World Order?    

I wonder how many people realize what a depressing and shocking state of affairs the world is in today?

Hundreds of millions of traumatized and oppressed people are starving in war-torn countries like Afghanistan,




South Africa

and Yemen.

Global unemployment is at an all time high with the European and US economies tottering on the edge of collapse.

International political tensions run high and a massive Middle East missile build-up to war is set to erupt in the next few weeks or months.

Millions of protesting people from Chicago and Quebec to Athens and Madrid,

from Cairo and Gaza to Moscow,

Damascus and Azerbaijan are brutally attacked with teargas, batons and steel-capped boots by military and “riot-control” police.

Big banks are buying up private armies and human rights in “free” countries are eroding rapidly.

Private citizens and bankers in the US and Europe,

and the US Department of Homeland Security are buying more weapons and stockpiling more ammunition,

as hundreds of thousands of families leave US cities for the hills.

Besides that,

Canadian and British scientists are trying to raise the alarm about the rapidly melting ice cap in the Artic circle now releasing such alarming amounts of Methane gas

that emergency action by private corporations and wealthy individuals is urgently needed to avert a global environmental disaster.

On top of all this,

the planets largest mammals are becomming extinct.

But governments are otherwise occupied and economically powerless to avert the looming disasters,

and most people are too engrossed with Facebook,

American Idol

and their sports programs

to know what’s happening out there.

It’s a perfect recipe for bringing on the troops of the New World Order.

Our civilization is literally falling apart at the seams and the only official solution is to throw more military troops and the “riot control” police at the problem reaction.

Is there anybody out there who can help us and stop the downward spiral ? ! ?  HELP!



Engineer and psychologist

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