10 Reasons ‘JOB’ Should Be A Four-Letter Word


It seems to me that the millions of Americans caught in long-term unemployment are suffering from some kind of illness

– a mental impairment that blocks their ability to be creative

– called hopelessness.

Through no fault of their own,

they seem to lack the will to create their own income path.

They spend their days circling want ads, sending out resumes, moaning about their situation to anyone who will listen,

and praying that someone comes to their aid with a well-paying job.

Society has trained us to believe that we are worthless without a job.

Indeed, we feel worthless when we are unemployed with few prospects of making money.

Family, friends, and peers constantly remind us in subtle and not-so-subtle ways that we “need” a job.

No one ever tells us to stop looking for a job and get busy building something.


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