The SAS Invade Somalia

Up to sixty commandos of the UK’s elite Special Air Service (SAS) have invaded Somalia.

In violation of the UN Charter,

Britain’s Attorney General, Dominic Grieve,

authorised the commandos to invade the country with the professed aims of quelling the al-Shabaab militia,1

which is battling the UK-created and installed Transitional Federal Government (TFG).

This is an old British ploy:

create a proxy militia,

use it to wreck a country,

and then send in the heavy artillery when it proves too incompetent to finish the job.

In the late 1990s,

the UK secret services backed the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army

in order to beat the drums for war in Serbia.

In 2010,

the secret services began training and arming anti-Gaddafi elements

(following a botched 1995-6 effort),

using Gaddafi’s crackdowns as a pretext for NATO bombing.

Ditto Syria.


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