Alex Garland

writer of the acheingly apocalyptic

yet head-pokeingly brilliant cinematic outings :

The Beach,


28 Days Later,




~ and screen-scribe of the horrendously depressing

yet undeniably exceptional

‘all clones are inherently fucked’ fest :

Never Let Me Go,


has been busy rebooting, rewinding,  and reinventing boyhood comics anti-hero Judge Dredd

for its second outing across the big screen.

It stars

‘Our Karl Urban’ as the ‘unfuckable-with’ protagonist,

porcelain effigy thespian Olivia Thirlby,

as well as that chick from ‘300’.

Dredd ( trailer )

Video :


Taking pages from the book of Indonesian kick-your-face-right-off-your-head  bullet splatterama

‘The Raid Redemption’


– which by the way is currently being widely viewed as one of the best action movies to emerge in recent years –

the film ‘Dredd’ follows our helmeted heroes as they make their way

– floor by floor –

up a run-down tower of drug addled perps hell bent on their destruction.

The film

due for release in the coming months

was made outside of the hollywood studio system

relying instead

on funding sourced through the internet.


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