Really Exceptional, Enlightened Leaders Of The World

So much of what we read and hear on alternative  “enlightened” websites is quite informative
when it comes to pointing out the problems,
but in terms of solutions,
it’s either fantastic unreal optimism, New Age mumbo-jumbo nonsense, or old ideas and insights many people already knew centuries ago and these New Age gurus are just saying the same old proverbs in modern jargon. It’s no wonder that the real controllers of the world’s social, political, financial, commercial, and religious machinery are far more realistic, clear-minded, decisive, organized, active and successful at deluding, indoctrinating, misleading, cheating and enslaving the world than those who oppose them are at enlightening, liberating and empowering the people of the world. Why is that?

It’s because recognized and appointed leaders and champions of enlightened liberation, empowerment and protest are themselves not as enlightened, liberated, empowered and highly evolved as they or we think they are. They may be  sincere, intelligent and dedicated people, but most of their efforts are talk or futile, misdirected actions with no real power or change. Everyone wants everyone else to do something. This reminds me of the psychology gurus and therapists who taught me psychotherapy – they themselves suffered from the kind of personality disorders and addictions they claimed they could cure. And like many liberals and socialists in academia – their vocal support for the oppressed workers is little more than sympathy.

Peaceful protest is admirable, but there’s not enough wisdom in that. So we are getting nowhere fast. Peacefully and collectively doing the opposite of the things we denounce would be much better, for those who can do that.

For several years I have tried to explain some ground-breaking research concerning the absolute in truth and meaningfulness. This work can help us identify and promote the wisest, most outstanding global and spiritual leaders the desperate, confused and oppressed people of the world are waiting to discover.

We should be asking – why have so many good people been helping to build and maintain such a corrupt, oppressive, crazy civilization for so long? For many reasons, but mainly because the few cunning guys who run the show are always smarter, better equipped, more daring, convincing and more organized than the rest. They deceive, rob, kill, falsely accuse  or enslave millions of people. They have done so for millennia; but not for much longer. The clarity, unity of purpose and decisive power of the absolute in truth and meaningfulness will soon prevail. The superior power of truth, wisdom and objective knowledge (not New Age mumbo-jumbo nonsense) will expose all secrets, divide the violent leaders and rid the world of all perpetrators of injustice, greed and depravity. The days are numbered for those who have been ruining the lives of billions of people for millennia.

The big obstacle however is that the profound logic and methodology of this research, like the theory of relativity, is very difficult to grasp and appreciate. It’s based on a numerical and statistical projection towards the ultimate in truth and meaningfulness in verbal communication. For many years everyone I have contacted in the hope of discussing these matters soon disappeared, saying they have more important priorities. So I conclude either (1) they don’t and can’t appreciate the profound significance and importance of this research and it’s application, or (2) they are too busy to reflect and discern the significance, or (3) they are lost in collective fantasies and prefer that to reality, (4) they don’t want to be found out as charlatans, or (5) they are not cheats but make more money pursuing other priorities.

I would appreciate any help making personal contact with well-informed and well-educated top placed members of our organizations, who appreciate the need for networking and synergizing with really exceptional, wise, spiritually enlightened leaders. I hope we can start the nucleus of a powerful revolutionary network that gives the right focus, synergy and impetus and sets us (those of us who want that) on the right path to a new and better future. Please send any useful personal introductions and leads to or contact Mike at mobile number +64274038561 during New Zealand waking times.


Engineer and psychologist

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