Preparing Quietly & Actively For The New Age

British journalist with The TRUTH AGENDA, Andy Thomas, comments perceptively on politics and public apathy.

“By having become so disconnected with what goes on around us in our names,
we have not stood up in our collective power
– and are therefore as responsible as any global elite for having created the world we live in today.
With the consent granted by our passivity,
we have watched obvious lies and manipulations take away our strength, resolve and liberty,
and have done little or nothing about it.
As such,
we have given away our personal responsibility.”

He and many other journalists are correct about the ruling elite “riding roughshod over the needs of everyday people” and manipulating or indoctrinating the public into consent. He concludes that “To resist successfully, those with awareness must hold on to optimism and strike an appropriate tone if they are to be listened to…….No elite, of any kind, can be infallible, and this offers true hope for the future – if enough people can rise above their fears and speak out, loudly and clearly.”

Unfortunately ANDY THOMAS and other commentators are not correct in assuming that enough people are interested in resisting the ruling elite. Most people have a natural inclination to accept and trust ruling elites and hierarchical centralized control as a practical necessity. They don’t have time for politics and only resist when a large enough crowd can no longer afford their food, drinks, accommodation, entertainment and electronic gadgets. Anything else is fine as long as someone keeps the system going and the welfare payments rolling in. Even when things are really bad, mass movements only pick up enough revolutionary momentum when a foreign power or hidden hand sees an opportunity and finances the movement for their own gain. Thus, the new masters eventually turn out to be no better than the ones they replaced – this futile political cycle is seen in so many countries today.

For the enlightened, caring, visionary and moral minority, it is important to realize that the only way to beat the system is not to support it and to actively encourage other people to do the same. We have to personally adopt the value priorities, attitudes and more frugal, eco-friendly, lifestyle of the new system we want and collaborate with other like-minded visionary pioneers. ANDY THOMAS and others are right about the importance of speaking out; but actions speak louder than words. We have to literally finance ourselves to create an alternative society and remove ourselves mentally and physically from the old without compromise. It’s not easy but essential. Even our actions will not attract any interest until the old system starts to collapse. Only then will people wake up, listen to us and look for alternatives.

As more people follow our example and our new eco-friendly, sustainable, egalitarian and caring communities grow in size and vitality, support will move from the old to the new until the old eventually collapses through lack of support. As so many are predicting – one way or another the old system will eventually collapse; so the choice available to us is either to remain part of the old system and slowly deteriorate with it, or remove ourselves into the new and watch the old collapse more quickly. It’s a hard decision – staying with the familiar old world or adventuring into the quest for a new and better world. Neither will be without pain but the relief and joy as the old gives birth to the new will make the stress and discomfort of this transition  worth the effort and change.

There’s a lesson to be learned from the colonization strategy of particularly the Romans and the British. Large, well-equipped, mobile forces were maintained to oppose any liberation movements in the colonies. Likewise today, the old system has been actively mounting propaganda campaigns and providing disguised agents and new regulations to obstruct any growing, liberating, socio-economic alternatives. Innovative liberators have to be invisible, collaborate quietly, plan and prepare for the moment when people wake up to reality and look for alternatives. Then the prepared plan will be unfolded and the pre-fabricated pieces of the new structure will come together quickly and by surprise.


Engineer and psychologist

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