Happy 2013 Uncensored Readers ! And What A Year It’s Been …


A heart-warming look back at the giant fucking abomination that was 2012 … … as we lived it.


The Mayans appeared to be full of shit

but not full of as much shit ~ as those drippy & insincere saps that did their level best

to push the apocalypse dogma planetwide

in the years leading up to last week.

Iceland was the first country in the world to put its bankers in prison.

You want a way forward to a better brighter future ?  Start with that course of action right there.

The people of Libya and Syria continued to suffer

under the extra-shitty divide and conquer tactics

at the hands of local and foreign mercenary terrorists funded by foreign western powers

– just because those countries have the ‘wrong’ kind of economic system.

Life continued to grow more expensive

– with most Westeners still lacking the information and critical thinking skills to ever understand why.

The U.K. banned Iranian News television

… … for some reason.

Mainstream media’s viewership, readership, subscriptions and ad revenue continued to decline across the board.

Potentially a real indication that more and more people are joining their own dots.

The people who work in the mainstream media remained too chicken-shit scared for their jobs

to address the glaring problems with the official version of events on Sept 11 2001 

prefering instead to ditch their journalist role,

and just sit there – continously pinching out fluffy guff that is of no use or relevance to people anywhere.

Weaponised drones continued their indiscriminate carnage across the surfaces of at least seven countries

as Nobel Peace Prize winning Obama ( and those who tell him what to do )

expanded their drone war on impoverished brown people.

The Kony 2012 campaign failed miserably. 

And a good thing too.

Israel continued to expand its territory

– but Zionist policy makers appeared to stop short of a brutal ground invasion of Gaza

following a big hard kick in the pills from Global Public Opinion.

Palestine was admitted observer status to the UN.

After that – some sulking ensued.

The people of Europe found it harder and harder to labour under its debts to central banking

but they call it :     ..  ‘Austerity’


China replaced the U.S. as top world trader – as Americans continue their descent into poverty

and the dumbest of them – will probably still just blame ‘The Mexicans’.

Americans re-elected the war-mongering Obama over the war-mongering Romney

under the illusion of choice.

Australia got a pack of U.S. Marines to put up with.

Poor buggers.

Atlantiean ( i.e. The U.S. Israel, and parts of Europe ) policy makers

continue their underhanded multi-level strategies to encircle Russia and China

– while eyeing up the resources of Africa.




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