The “Suiciding” of Pedophile Investigators

Child victim.

You can no longer pretend that you did not know.
William Wilberforce in the UK House of Commons.

 The “Suiciding” of Pedophile Investigators
by Dave Hodges –

Here is an extract of this article ..

The Biggest Victims of All

Great Britain is a key link in the biggest ever international investigation into the production and supply of pedophile snuff films in which children are murdered on film after being sexually abused. The investigation includes many snuff films obtained from many countries across Europe with the origins coming out Russian and Israel. The most shocking category  of sex and snuff films made was code-named ‘Necros Pedo’ in which children were raped and tortured until they died

Many researchers feel that there is an international controlling mechanism behind child sex trafficking. What is the source?  The Marc Dutroux pedophile case in France is an excellent place to start in answering this question.

Dutroux was tried, convicted and sentenced to life for being tied to six counts of child rape and four counts of murder. One of the murders includes Bernard Weinstein. Despite the fact that CNN describes Weinstein as “a Frenchman”, he is actually one the ring’s Zionist masterminds with alleged organized crime links in the Zionist entity tied to the sex rings. .

child sex rings the   court, Dutroux testified that this “Zionist-Jew child sex ring” is a subset of an international porn cartel which was protected by both French police and French politicians. Dutroux further alleges that French officials has been bribed by France’s powerful Zionist lobby.

Eight  Zionist Jews of Italian origin and three Zionist Jews of Russian extraction were arrested and charged by Italian police for kidnapping, raping and murdering non-Jewish children between the ages of two and five years, obtained from Russian orphanages. The children were raped and then murdered as part of a series of snuff films. Prosecutors estimate that as many as 1700 children were victimized in this heinous fashion and an undetermined determined number of American pedophiles paid $20,000 per film to watch these young children raped and murdered on film (I can barely type these words without gagging).

To add insult to injury, both the AP and Reuters did actually cover the Italian investigation. However, the American corporate media refused to cover the trial on television because it “would prejudice Americans against Jews”.

The January 13, 1998 edition of the Jerusalem Post Jewish gangsters in Russia have become increasingly linked to traffic in female Russian white sex slaves into Israel, many of them under the age of 18. The Israeli police state that they are powerless to stop the practice because there are no laws, in Zionist controlled Israel, forbidding prostitution.
The Prince and the Pedophile

The Prince and the Pedophile

Brandon Turbeville successfully linked proven British pedophile Jimmy Saville to Prince Charles. As previously stated, George H. W. Bush has been accused of participating in these heinous actions. Of course there is the Franklin Scandal and on and on and on.

If you follow-up the rest .. keep your Barf bucket handy or as the author did go take a shower. The Jimmy Saville revelations are a good marker for the British side .. let us not forget the Holly Grieg affair and what has happened to those brave men who reported this type of behaviour to the police and ended up in prison themselves.


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