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Fluoridation – Economic Madness

Paul Wedell speaking at WellingtonPaul Wedell speaking at Wellington Regional Council on the economic madness of fluoridation. Would just be funny if it wasn’t true.

One comment on “Fluoridation – Economic Madness

  1. CR Peters says:

    It is refreshing to see a very logical economic argument by Paul.

    There are only two types of people that support municipal water fluoridation. The first and by far largest group are the, miss informed. These people believe its good for dental health, because they have been taught and told this, without taking the time to research this issue for themselves. The most alarming thing about this group, is it includes the majority of so called health professionals? dentists and doctors. The second is a small group of immoral politicians, senior dental district practitioners and other senior health professionals working to continue this unjust practise. A great question to ask the Ministry of Health? is, what evidence are they referring to, to support the continuation of water contamination. Remembering that almost all European countries have ceased the practise on the grounds that there is no conclusive evidence to suggest water fluoridation has any benefit to dental hygiene.