Turns out that Fonterra has been collecting milk in Taranaki from farms that are disposal sites for contaminated waste from oil and gas industry, including fracking chemicals. The waste is spread out and covered, then cows are grazed on it. This is incredibly stupid and irresponsible. Stupid because the whole brand […]

In a dramatic public statement, Chile’s former chief negotiator for the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPPA) Rodrigo Contreras has urged fellow Latin American countries to work together to defend their interests against the demands of rich countries in the talks Contreras warned that unless they held back those demands the TPPA […]

Dear all, This is to draw your attention to Daniel Zalec, one of the most industrious and thorough of the world’s anti-fluoride campaigners. His site https://afamildura.wordpress.com/ is comprehensive, hard-hitting and absolutely spot-on truthful. Don’t miss it! Jonathan Eisen, Editor, Uncensored

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