Former Teacher Speaks Out, “Everything I Loved About Teaching Is Extinct”

education-3Parents aren’t the only ones fed up with the education system in America.

Teachers often get a bad rap for the failure of America’s education system and its inferiority to the pedagogic successes of countries like China. But like many Americans who are nothing more than slaves to the mandates of the state, there are tens of thousands of teachers out there who are frustrated with the restrictions being placed on them through regulations and asinine policies.



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Ibragim Todashev - shot by the FBI because he knew too much?

Tue Jun 4 , 2013
Two stories posted on Rense echo what I suggested a week ago – and what I am sure many others have suspected – that Ibragim Todashev was shot in his own apartment by an FBI agent because he knew something about the Boston bombings that the Feds didn’t want to see the […]

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