Rebuttal: Minister’s Science Advisory Committee (NZ)

ESRAs per usual, the pro-fluoridation mafia is hitting back. We write this letter to arm you with some counter-arguments to their unscientific, simplistic mantras. Listed below are the main garbage claims you will hear, over and over again:

What is in the water? – June 12, 2013
The Office of the Prime Minister’s Science Advisory Committee
New Zealand

Claim: “The science of fluoride in water is effectively settled. It has been one of the most thoroughly worked questions in public health science over some decades.”

Response: On the contrary. When the University of York examined the evidence on fluoridation, the authors were surprised at its poor quality. According to the research team, “Given the level of interest surrounding the issue of public water fluoridation, it is surprising to find that little high quality research has been undertaken.” Three years later, the authors reiterated, “We were unable to discover any reliable good-quality evidence in the fluoridation literature world-wide… As emphasised in the report, only high-quality studies can fill in the gaps in knowledge about these and other aspects of fluoridation.”

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