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The NZ Fluoridation battle goes mainstream from billboards to TV

This 30 second advert is now being shown On Demand in front of programmes such as TV One News, Shortland Street and Coronation Street. Please share.

One comment on “The NZ Fluoridation battle goes mainstream from billboards to TV

  1. Terry Wall says:

    Scientists decided to compare the general health stats of the Rep of Ireland versus Northern Ireland as RoI had been adding fluoride to their water supply for years, whereas NI had not. I quote from the report: “Ultimately this has culminated in significantly higher disease burdens and mortality and inferior health compared to their counterparts in Northern Ireland or other non-fluoridated EU countries. Overall the Republic of Ireland fares worse in the prevalence of disease and morbidity for a wide range of disease categories compared with Northern Ireland the UK or the EU region. The report also highlights similar disease burdens in the few other countries that continue to practice fluoridation especially in North America, Australia and New Zealand. The NRC report (2006) highlighted the potential contribution that fluoride exposure may have for many if not all of these diseases. Read 148 page report here

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