Peasant Film Club ~ Someone Else’s Country

October 26, 2013

Peasant Film Club

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The Someone Else’s Country: (1996)

The New Zealand coup

(90 min): Covers the Lange-Douglas years of political upheaval in New Zealand: when the New Right element came to the fore from within the Labour government upon its re-election in 1984. It critically examines the radical economic changes implemented – where privatisation of state assets was part of a wider agenda that sought to remake New Zealand as a model free-market state.

Under the guise of saving the country from alleged bankruptcy World Bank economics (including GST) was imposed upon New Zealand through the unelected, university-educated neoliberal neophytes of NZ’s Treasury department, against the vast majority’s will.

More about… The Revolution will not be televised

Venue »   WEA Henderson  

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