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Peasant Film Club ~ Someone Else’s Country

Peasant Film Club

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The Someone Else’s Country: (1996)

The New Zealand coup

(90 min): Covers the Lange-Douglas years of political upheaval in New Zealand: when the New Right element came to the fore from within the Labour government upon its re-election in 1984. It critically examines the radical economic changes implemented – where privatisation of state assets was part of a wider agenda that sought to remake New Zealand as a model free-market state.

Under the guise of saving the country from alleged bankruptcy World Bank economics (including GST) was imposed upon New Zealand through the unelected, university-educated neoliberal neophytes of NZ’s Treasury department, against the vast majority’s will.

More about… The Revolution will not be televised

Venue »   WEA Henderson  

2 comments on “Peasant Film Club ~ Someone Else’s Country

  1. ewingsc says:

    Fantastic film.

    Every New Zealander should see it if they ever want to know more about why their lives are slowly getting more expensive.

    • Lou matika says:

      What’s going on our country is going down the tubes no jobs so much. Poverty now the govt should be opening apprentiship classes for all trades for free look now not enough tradedies in the country now most gone to Aussie to earn decent money they should have done this years ago but greedy building company’s had screwed the workers i

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