8 thoughts on “UN Slams Israel Demolition Of West Bank Properties

  1. ‘Historic’: US Scholars Stand with Palestinians in Boycott of Israel

    An association of 5,000 academics on Monday

    became the largest U.S. scholarly organization ever to join the boycott of Israeli academic institutions.


  2. Swell Of Boycotts Driving Israel Into International Isolation

    Western activists and diplomats are determined to boycott Israel’s illegal settlements in the Palestinian territories,

    and if peace talks fail,

    the rain of boycotts and sanctions could turn into a flood.


  3. “The only way to deal with the state of ISRAEL is through WHAT?”

    Money and Media.

    Loosen the grip of the small group of people currently running these institutions

    then the whole human race gets a chance at a free run

    without being imprisoned either intellectually or financially

    or in the case of Gaza – physically.

    If money wasn’t debt based – then we would not all be unwitting slaves

    and we would have the time and energy to understand more about what is going on around us in our lives

    instead of just resigning ourselves to the daily death-march mouse-wheel grind

    of trying to afford our increasingly expensive lives.

    Under a debt-based money system – bankers will definitely get EVERYTHING from you sooner or later.

    That’s just a matter of financial maths.

    If 80% of where many Americans go to for their news information

    wasn’t owned by, like, 5 ideologically aligned corporations

    then the American people – as a collective – would eventually realize what Israel is all about

    I’ve traveled across America twice – and it’s full of decent people

    ( the odd shitbag here and there – but you get that everywhere ).

    If its corporate media actually was willing to accurately convey the events unfolding in South West Asia

    (something that its NOT currently willing to do)

    then there’s no way Americans would stand behind what is happening

    and would demand that Israel’s financial and military support – be cut.

    Israel is and has been slowly expanding it’s territory – through dispossession and force.

    Most Americans aren’t aware of this.

    And if they are – they never talk about it.

  4. This disgusting disregard for human life must stop immediately. The United Nations should impose strong sanctions on Israel immediately and the US should stop all funding to Israel. End of Statement. No more food, no more water, no more oil, no more weapons – NOTHING TO ISRAEL!! Mass Murderers!!

    1. With very little effort any person with a IQ over 100 can go back to the birth of the united states and read our own forefathers warnings about j–s. Myself I’ve never had problem with personal issues but you can’t turn your cheek from reality of the real violence of truth. I’m well aware the person behind this site is educated about the vast human right violations the state of Israel has been getting away with for decades. The united states congress is plagued by dual citizens who’s only real allegiance is with the state of Israel and yet they are making decisions that effect our nation forever. The state of ISRAEL has been the biggest national security threat to the united states the last several decades. The whole world has done nothing about the open air prison with almost 2.5 million Palestinian innocent men and women and children. We could go on for hours and days about the shortcomings of this nation who just might help the world kick start a 3rd world war. The only way to deal with the state of ISRAEL is through WHAT?

      1. Withdraw all support now and forever. Henceforth, they should be considered an enemy of the state.

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