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In order to overcome massive US and world public opposition to new wars in the Middle East, Obama relied on the horrific internet broadcasts of ISIS slaughtering two American hostages, the journalists James Foley and Steve Sotloff, by decapitation. These brutal murders were Obama’s main propaganda tool to set a new Middle East war agenda – his own casus belli bonanza! This explains the US Administration’s threats of criminal prosecution against the families of Foley and Stoloff when they sought to ransom their captive sons from ISIS.

With the American mass media repeatedly showing the severed heads of these two helpless men, public indignation and disgust were aroused with calls for US military involvement to stop the terror. US and EU political leaders presented the decapitations of Western hostages by the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) as a direct and mortal threat to the safety of civilians in the US and Europe. The imagery evoked was of black-clad faceless terrorists, armed to the teeth, invading Europe and the US and executing innocent families as they begged for rescue and mercy.

The problem with this propaganda ploy is not the villainy and brutal crimes celebrated by ISIS, but the fact that Obama’s closest ally in his seventh war in six years is Saudi Arabia, a repugnant kingdom which routinely decapitates its prisoners in public without any judicial process recognizable as fair by civilized standards.

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  1. WTF?. Can’t people see the propaganda machine behind the “beheadings”?. It never happened..No-one decapitates with a small, blunt knife. Foley and Sotloff would’ve got a bullet after the cameras were turned off. It’s one of ISIS’s main propaganda tools, they know the thought of decapitation is abhorrent to Westerners. (Though allowing a condemned US prisoner to writhe in agony for over 2 hours doesn’t raise an eyebrow).
    Where are the pictures anywhere of your claim “With the American mass media repeatedly showing the severed heads of these two helpless men”?. What severed heads? Where is the vid/images of the “beheading” even?.
    Finally, what’s with the attributing your questionable standards, to other countries?. Do you dislike Shari’a because the crimes that it punishes, are crimes you like to indulge in?. Let’s just imagine that it’s your mother/sister/daughter that gets attacked and murdered. (God forbid, it’s not a nice thought to entertain). If not only the law, but God Himself has ordained that you can decide if the perpetrator should die, would you call for his head? Publicly? ‘Course you would. But if you don’t believe in killing, Shari’a allows you to take a large sum of money as compensation instead of his life. It’s justice because the victims family gets the say. Similar laws exist in the Bible. In Saudi Arabia, they take their Islam seriously (Yet Saudi doesn’t always adhere to the proscribed Shari’a, a lot of old cultural norms are mingled in. Sort of like Christmas mixed with Santa and trees. Or Easter mixed with rabbits and eggs. Anything what might contaminate Islam, in their eyes, will cause the downfall of their country and ultimately, their souls. They are serious about this. Which is why sorcery is a beheading punishment. I wonder, if a thief in the West knew he could lose his hand, would the West also have a low theft/larceny rate like Saudi?
    Yet amputation sentences are incredibly rare, one has to offend at least 3 times, with the requisite number of witnesses present at each occasion.

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