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Invite your friends, whanau and workmates to be an accomplice with you THIS SATURDAY March 7 to voice your opposition to the planet being treated like a global monopoly board game to make real the psychopathic world domination plots of the super-rich.
Around the world, governments are giving away a level of sovereign power to a global investment class in accordance with the strictures of a strategy known as new constitutionalism. This strategy seeks to expand markets by locking in the changes within a supranational jurisdiction, thereby restricting the democratic participation of nationally-based publics and indigenous peoples.

‘New constitutionalism’ is embedded into theTrans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA). Armies of professionals, sponsored politicians and elite technocrats are working on what is essentially a global neo-colonial project (AKA globalization), which is an economic war framework directed by the super-rich.[ii]

From the leaked chapters, we know that the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) will:

Give transnational corporations the capacity to directly sue governments in secret tribunals;
Allow foreign investment and financial speculation to be even less restricted;
Undermine protections for labour, while strengthening copyright claims over workforce creativity;
Roll-back environmental protections written into legislation, regulations, and bylaws;
Dismantle obligations to treaties that protect general human rights, indigenous rights, and nature;
Favour anti-competitive cartels of transnational corporations that undermine small-scale producers;
Allow big pharmaceutical corporations to charge more for medicines;
Undermine popular dissent by privileging the fiction of investors’ ‘commercial sovereignty’.
N.B. Action words were italicized to sublimely trick you into participating enthusiastically!

[i] SEE: It’s Our Future Resources Page
at;; and also: TPP Watch at

[ii] SEE “Code Purple: Whistle Blowing on ‘Free markets’, the ‘Shock Doctrine’ and ‘New Constitutionalism’” at; and also: A Poorly Understood ‘Bargain’: How Democracy and the 60s Movements became Orphans in the ‘Free Market’ Era at




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