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Nuke Base In Turkey: “A Very Dangerous Situation”.

A very dangerous situation.

Will they explode these in Br-z-l at the Oly….?


Subject: I… N… page

Date: 1 August 2016 1:58:24 pm PDT

Information on the NATO Nuke Base housed in Turkey


Activist Post dated 31 July 2016 advises that:

“Turkish President Recep Erdogan has deployed 7,000 armed police and heavy vehicles to the Incirlik Air Base in Turkey. The base is a NATO asset and reportedly houses between 50 and 90 B-61 variable yield thermonuclear weapons. The base is the largest nuclear weapons storage site in Europe with some 25 underground vaults.”

Click this link to read this article BUT MAKE SURE YOU CLICK THIS LINK to see a different story unfolding from many different sources.

NATO Nuke Base Surrounded By Heavily Armed Turkish Police; Houses Up To 90 Thermonuclear Weapons: Report


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