Election Day Bombshell?

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In an interview that will be broadcasted on November 8 on the RT network, the WikiLeaks editor in chief made a claim that he is not done with exposing the truth. He announced possible election day bombshell from Wikileaks.  In the interview with RT he also added we have a lot of material, thousands of pages of material,” said the WikiLeaks leader, who remains in exile at Ecuador’s embassy in London. “There’s a variety of different types of documents and different types of institutions that are associated with the election campaign, some quite unexpected angles that are, you know, interesting, some even entertaining.”

Assange also added that no one is above the law, not even Hillary Clinton and I intend to bring her down!

On the question how he will bring Hillary down?

Assange answered:  Get ready for an election day surprise that will surprise even Hillary Clinton!

Wikileaks has already posted stolen emails from the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign chief John Podesta. The hacker or hackers Guccifer 2.0 took credit for the DNC breach and are widely believed to be a front for a Russian intelligence group tied to the Podesta breach.

In an interview with a veteran journalist John Pilger, he also added that he is not up against Hillary Clinton only,h e is up against everyone who did something wrong.Which is in other words just a confirmation that Assange is not under the influence od Trump or Russian influence as Hillary’s camp tried to prove it!

Assange already announced that his next leak would bring Hillary down, but this could be a game changer and so late on election day it could be the deadly strike and could prove to be a political assassination of Hillary Clinton! There are plenty of rumors around saying that the Wikileaks dump on the election day will contain more information on Benghazi others that the emails will be direct confirmation of Hilary connection to ISIS.Assange did not confirm this, but he only responded that they would continue to work of exposing the truth. The truth will be out in a couple of days we going to have to wait and see!
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2 thoughts on “Election Day Bombshell?

  1. Its said to be about the Clintons involvment in pedophile ring, wont affect vote though Clinton will laugh and deny it,Assange has left it a bit late.See Wake up New Zaland.

    1. I agree Forrest. I would also suggest some discernment and logical thinking is required. Why would Assange wait? Could be a hoax, but we present it for your information, because you just never know….

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