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Trump Unravels TPP Behemoth

From ghost hacked,

Guy is already making waves couple days into his role as POTUS.…

CNN)President Donald Trump on Monday will start to unravel the behemoth trade deal he inherited from his predecessor, as he signed an executive action to withdraw from the negotiating process of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

That executive action sends signals to Democrats and leaders in foreign capitals around the world that Trump’s rhetoric on trade during the campaign is turning into action. Trump vowed during the campaign to withdraw the US from the Pacific trade deal, commonly known as TPP, which he argued was harmful to American workers and manufacturing.

To sum it up, via executive order, pulls the US out of the Trans Pacific Partnership.


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One comment on “Trump Unravels TPP Behemoth

  1. Gunjo says:

    Hope other countries such as Australia follow suit.

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