NZ: 1080 Control Taken Away From Regional Councils, Use “Enforced”

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The government is set to introduce new regulations to enforce the use of poisons like 1080.

Currently it is up to regional councils to set rules for the use of 1080 and other poisons in their region.

But now the government will set rules to apply throughout the country, rather than having different rules within each regional council.

Environment Minister Nick Smith said the move was expected to save $11 million over the next 20 years through reduced bureaucracy, and would reduce costs and delays for operators.

“And enable agencies, like the Department of Conservation to get on with the work of protecting New Zealand’s native species.”

He said stoats, rats and possums killed 25 million native birds per year, and the use of effective and efficient poisons like 1080 was necessary.

The national approach to the use of poisons such as 1080 and brodifacoum will come into effect in April.

The regulations have been approved under the Resource Management Act after consultation last year and an initial push by the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, Jan Wright.

Dr Smith said the national rules would be very tight and ensured risks were properly managed from both a safety and an environmental point of view.

Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

2 thoughts on “NZ: 1080 Control Taken Away From Regional Councils, Use “Enforced”

  1. Target the pest not the whole eco-system. ‘Sterility programmes’ (widely used in other countries) are the safest and most effective way to reduce pests but alas are obviously beyond the scope of an economically focused Government. The native birds they talk of are subject to secondary poisoning from ingesting these poisoned pests and as for 1080 naturally occurring – yes thats right – in plants that birds dont eat. 1080 (sodium fluroacetate). I sure as hell dont see 1080 being advertised on our “come to NZ – the clean and green country” posters that promote tourism to our country. 1080 is banned in a hell of a lot of countries – why are we still using this inhumane and indiscriminate poison that has no antidote? Stupidity in action … wake up kiwi’s, and more importantly wake that idiotic Government of ours up.

    1. Why is our government so hellbent on the continued use of 1080 when it’s long since been banned or replaced by more effective means in other countries?
      Follow the money, you’ll find the answer.
      As you point out Dean, 1080 is indiscriminate.
      Our government has a nasty habit of taking control and responsibility away from local councils: they did it with fluoride, and now with 1080. Follow the money!
      “stupidity in action”. Couldn’t have put it better myself Dean.

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