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Uncomfortable Questions For Carnegie: Geoengineering

Jolie Diane From https://zerogeoengineering.com/ Asks The
“Panel Of Experts”

What Are The Human Implications For Using Geoengineering Technology?

Jolie Diane Reminds Them Geoengineering Is Already Taking Place, Which They Try To Ignore By Shuffling The Question Around The Panel.

Its Obvious Their Plan Is Way More Important Than The Health Of The Planets Inhabitants,
And They’re Determined To Go Ahead Regardless Of The Risks Involved.

These Starry Eyed People Are Very Dangerous,
After All The Research They Still Believe In This Technology.

Opening Quote From Carnegie Council

“C2G2 Sounds Futuristic And Scientific, But It Also Sounds Friendly And Lovable. Right?”

(This Gave Me Shivers Down The Spine)

The C2G2 Initiative does not promote geoengineering, nor is it intrinsically against it. However, it assumes that given the state of international response to climate change so far, these technologies are likely to be used in the foreseeable future. This panel of global experts discuss the key issues in relation to climate geoengineering, its governance, and what the Initiative will do.


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