Foiled Australian Terror Plot: “Well Timed For The NWO Agenda”?

No doubt everyone’s heard the MSM story by now, and the astute will note the sketchy details, with plenty of speculation and use of guarded wording. Is this a false flag, or a real potential terror event that was foiled? Either way it’s certainly seems well timed for the NWO agenda.

Australian Terror Plot

“Four Lebanese Australians — two fathers and two sons — were in custody after police swooped on the cell and thwarted what they will allege was a sophisticated ­attempt to kill hundreds of people by crashing a civilian plane.
The Australian reported today that they had been told the men were allegedly constructing a “non-traditional’’ device that could kill the occupants of the plane with poisonous gas.
Multiple sources have told The Australian the four, who were ­related by blood and marriage, were constructing an explosive ­device that could have emitted a toxic, sulphur-based gas that would have killed or immobilised everyone on the aircraft…..

INCOMING Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has warned returning foreign fighters and radicalised terrorists were specifically seeking to kill Australians.
Speaking about increased airport security in the wake of the foiled terror plot in Sydney, Mr Dutton said the threat against Australia was only going to increase.
“People who don’t believe we need to do all we can do to make sure that we are absolutely as effective as humanly possible, they need to look at the facts,” he said.
“The facts demonstrate that we have foreign fighters returning to Australian shores, we’ve got people being radicalised online.
“This threat is not going to go away, it’s going to increase.”
There have been reports the most recent terror attack was discovered after a tip from foreign intelligence agencies
Mr Dutton said the newly-created Home Affairs portfolio, which he will head up, would enable Australia’s security agencies to communicate and share information more effectively.”

(Excerpts from article)

This could be seen as “The Australian 9/11 that wasn’t”: After the “real deal” WTC incident, the mere suggestion of a terror attack is now sufficient to heighten airport security overnight (and things ain’t going back) and ramp up the fear factor. It seems Australia is constantly making news for “police state” NWO innovations right now. Watch out Australia, your freedoms are fast disappearing! (And note the promo for the Five Eyes surveillance thrown in by Dutton)

Martin H

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