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Barcelona Terror Attack: Silent March Demonstrates The Unification Effect


Thousands of mourners have marched through Barcelona chanting ‘I am not afraid’ following the terror attack that killed 14 people.
A video showed the crowd shouting ‘No tinc por’ (I am not afraid) as they walked along Las Ramblas, where a driver had ran over victims yesterday.

Three main suspects in Spain terror attacks have been killed, police say
As well as the deaths, the driver also injured more than 100 people.
Mourners laid shrines for the victims before stopping for a minute’s silence at Plaça de Catalunya, which was also observed by King Felipe and Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.


I ask you: What happened here?

A terror attack took place. The result, far from driving people into hiding, brought them out onto the streets en masse, forgetting their differences, banding together in solidarity.


Wake up and see the agenda. The Blue Beam Agenda, the 2030 Agenda, The New World Order. It’s all the same.

Martin H.


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