Time for talk is OVER: Trump & Japan agree to ramp up pressure on North Korea

North Korea Japan Missile

PRESIDENT Donald Trump and Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe have agreed time for dialogue with North Korea is now over following Pyongyang’s latest missile launch on Tuesday morning.

Mr Abe denounced the launch as an “unprecedented and grave threat” to the country’s security after over the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido before crashing into the sea.

In a 40-minute phone call with President Trump, the two leaders agreed to call for an emergency meeting of the UN security council as the odds of an all-out conflict continue to drop.

Japanese media claim ”the latest launch makes it clear” the time is not right for dialogue with and increased pressure is instead necessary, quoting a senior Tokyo official.

Meanwhile, President Trump reportedly reaffirmed his commitment to maintaining peace in the region, telling Abe the US is “100 per cent with Japan”.

Mr Trump and Mr Abe also agreed in addressing the North Korea issue.



More detail now:
  • Reports are that 3 missiles fired
  • Reports of submarine launched but this appears to be incorrect – missiles launched from eastern part of North Korea
  • Missile fired at 0558 Japan time
  • One (at least) passed through Japanese air space at 6.06am (Japan time)
  • One (at least) landed in the Pacific east of Japan after passing through Japanese airspace
  • One of the missile broke up into 3 parts (this may be why reports of 3 missiles – still unclear)

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2 thoughts on “Time for talk is OVER: Trump & Japan agree to ramp up pressure on North Korea

  1. I suspect that much of the North Korea/USA animosity is theatre. A country that cannot produce a car is a threat to the world? Really? Kim was educated in the Western elite’s European stronghold of Switzerland. If North Korea was really such an opponent of the West, why did Kim’s father send his heir into the belly of the beast? North Korea performs an important role for the globalists as a regional irritant and pretext for their numerous bases in Asia. Just as with ISIS, they are not necessarily controlled, but are tolerated and sometimes quietly assisted because they serve a purpose.
    If Guam or Seoul is fired on, how can we, (or President Trump), be certain that the attack came from North Korea? It could be the US military doing a “false flag” operation as it was in starting the American war in Vietnam. They certainly have the capability. Unlike North Korea whose missiles famously fall into the sea. We know the politicians and media lied to us about Iraq, Libya and Syria and the “Gulf of Tonkin” incident. When are we going to wise-up to the fact that we are constantly lied to, manipulated into fear, and acceptance of these invasions that are not in anyone’s interest except the bankers and industrialists who profit from them?

    1. Yes Richard, theatre is exactly what it is. All of it. I think NK’s missiles fall into the sea thanks to US technological intervention. They’ve openly admitted they can disable Kim Jong’s firecrackers at any time. So it’s all fearmongering to further the agenda.

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